Rider Information

Entries are currently open via ManeHub and include Land Holders Fee.

2019 NSW State Championship 160km $370

80km SNR $125

         JNR $100

Entries close 10pm 31st May all entries received after this time will incur $100 late fee NO EXCEPTIONS.

2017 State Champions

Tracy-Lee Feltrin riding Oso Arabians late Cap Braveheart

10hours 18minutes

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If you have Nominated via Manehub and wish to withdraw then please email us at sydneyregionenduranceriding@gmail.com.

For any withdrawals received prior to Thursday 6th June 10pm you will receive a full refund less $50 for 160km & $20 for 80km Entries.

Please note that Transfers of Entries are available and are to be arranged between yourself and the other party, please notify the Office or email us advising us this transfer of Nomination.