Shahzada is the ultimate test for horse and rider of 400km over five days up and down the beautiful mountains surrounding the picturesque Macdonald Valley, sometimes three times in the one day. The 40th Shahzada will be held from Monday, 23rd to Friday, 27th August from the village of St Albans, north west of Sydney, NSW

Track Maintenance Weekend



Please come and have a fun weekend or a day, help us with clearing the tracks which is the best way to know exactly where you will be going before you bring your horse to Shahzada in August.


Please contact Peter Bice (Committee member in charge of tracks and maintenance) on 0418 275 675 so that we can work out who is coming, catering and who is staying overnight.

More weekends will be announced in coming months

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Shahzada is the ultimate test of endurance, horsemanship, friendship and will quickly become your favourite event on the ride calendar. 

Be Sure to check out the website for nomination details, forms and other useful information.

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